Dance for Musicals   4:30-5:30pm
Zumba/Jazzercise Mix  7:00-8:00pm
Ballroom Dancing A  6:30-7:30pm
Ballroom Dancing B  7:30-8:30pm
Musical Theater Dance  4:30-5:30pm
Kids Hip Hop 5-7 yrs  5:30-6:20pm
Kids Hip Hop 8+ yrs  6:30-7:20pm
Hip Hop All Ages  7:00-8:00pm
Zumba/Jazzercise Mix  11:00am-12:00pm
Tiny Dancers 2.5-5 yrs  9:00-9:50am
Ballet 6-9 yrs  1:00-1:50pm
Ballet 10+ yrs  2:00-2:50pm

Paint 'n Sip December 15th 6:00-8:30pm

   Winter Barn Theme featuring guest instructor Maureen O'Reilly

Pint 'n Sip Tickets



$10 per canvas with all you can drink hot cocoa

Reserve your spots here!


Classes will be held on Wednesday and Thursday evenings between 5:30-8:30, and will offer 3 levels:

  • Kinder Dance (ages 4–6)
  • Beginner (ages 7–9)
  • Intermediate (ages 10+)
  • Buy Monthly Passes for $60 each
  • Start whenever you like
Instructor & Class Info Calendar & Registration


Classes will be held on Saturday and Sunday mornings, time TBD, and will offer 2 levels:

  • Intro (ages 5-7)
  • Beginning (ages 8-9)
  • Buy Monthly Passes for $60 each
  • Start whenever you like
Instructor & Class Info Calendar & Registration


These six week courses will teach you the different dances you'll need to soon be a Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. Whether on your own, as a couple or in a group... Come on out and learn to dance with class!

  • Starting October 23rd- Learn Foxtrot and Rumba
  • Starting November 13th- Learn Salsa and West Coast Swing
Instructor & Class Info Calendar & Registration


This four week class is designed to prepare Ridgefield High School students for CHICAGO auditions in January. This class meets once weekly for two hours on Saturday mornings.  Fosse choreography is unique and specific.  We've partnered with the high school drama department to offer this prep course as a means of upping the level of audition and show readiness. This class is taught by Liz Kollings and you can see her bio on our instructors page.

  • Starting December 22, 2018 through January 12, 2019
  • Get yourself prepared for Fosse specific choreography and be your best at auditions!
Instructor Calendar & Registration


Starting Saturday November 10th we will have a dance basics class for 3-5 yr olds. Our ballet instructor Karina will be teaching and we can't wait to see you there.

Go to November 10th on our calendar page, click Tiny Dancers and sign up!


Zumba Monday pm and Friday am   Beginner tap class 6:00pm Mondays  West Coast Swing and Salsa starts 11/13

Check calendar to register

Birthday Rentals

We've had several painting parties FOR KIDS!

Call us to inquire on possibilities and space rental.

Art is they key to imagination...

360 - 947 - 4484

Schedule of Events

Thursday December 13
Friday December 14
Sunday December 16
Monday December 17
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Our core values.


Art comes in many forms and can be found in everything we do and every bit of our history. It is diverse, special and telling of the times. It is what brings us all together.

The RAS is an open opportunity for art expression, learning and gathering in Ridgefield. We offer a space for learners and instructors alike with classes in Ballet, Hip Hop, Zumba, Baby & Me, Stand up and Improv Comedy, Partner Dancing, Painting, Private Tutoring and more coming. The RAS can be rented for meetings, receptions, private events and birthdays. Plus we throw our own events and parties monthly with onsite babysitting so you can relax and have fun!

We also have a Weekend Night Teen Lounge opening mid September furnished with seats, screens, snacks and systems. It's a safe and sober chill pad for 15-20yr olds with school ID's. Finally a place to go!

We call all of Ridgefield to become part of our space and fill our community calendar with events, classes, exhibits and expression. Your fresh ideas are welcome.


Learning is the currency of relevance and success. More than ever, our society’s expectation of knowledge and problem solving is rising. The American Dream is alive but like always, its achievement must be earned and that “success” is being redefined as we race against technology and changing economics to chase that dream.

The RAS has something for everyone. We offer an environment to find solutions to life’s ongoing academic, economic and social challenges for today's youth and adults alike.


Fun seems like a given in childhood, but how many of us discover the older we get the less it feels value we place on it for ourselves?

The RAS believes fun is the foundation of happiness, and the key to sanity. Making fun a top priority brings enthusiasm to otherwise challenging or mundane responsibilities. Fun is loving, enriching, inclusive, and allows us at any time to step back and tattoo on our hearts the moments that become our most favorite memories. Making fun the foundation of what we strive for at the RAS reminds us that “the good ‘ole days” are actually right now.


The RAS is established to provide a place of arts, learning and events granting access to artistic, social and educational experiences regardless of economic standing. This effort aims to maintain and enrich a true sense of community in and for Ridgefield.


208 Pioneer Street, Ridgefield, WA 98642.

The RAS is on the corner of Pioneer and Main streets, boasting over 2,600 square feet of second story space spread over two multipurpose spaces. Both studios have 14 foot ceilings and walls of large windows. The 1,600 square foot “Ballroom” has gorgeous Southern and Western views of the Wildlife Preserve, Lake River, and Oregon. The Western facing “Dining” room is 900 square feet in size, includes a full kitchen and service counter as well as 14 feet of mirrors and a ballet bar.

Your spot is waiting!

Drop us a note below or email us at to get in touch!